Combat Systems Engineering

ESN’s knowledge and experience in combat systems engineering makes us a reliable partner when it comes to supporting mission-critical systems and components, both ashore and afloat. Our expertise centers on:

  • C4ISR
  • Satellite and telecommunications technology
  • Joint tactical radar systems
  • Shipboard traffic control systems

Among the services we deliver are:

  • Systems optimization
  • Systems evaluation and reengineering
  • System integration of C4ISR combat and communications systems
  • Independent quality control evaluations
  • Total systems evaluations leading to capabilities and limitation reports

ESN also provides subject-matter expertise and acts as the “institutional memory” on many afloat platforms. In this role, ESN has full-time representatives on every commissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. In addition, as part of our ship system interoperability testing program, we support systems integration testing on wide range of naval combat platforms.

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