ESN’s proven logistics expertise ensures that fielded systems are fully supported throughout their planned life cycle. Our performance is governed by implementing Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) throughout the acquisition and sustainment phases. We also employ Life Cycle Logistics (LCL)—an approach that requires programs to base major decisions on system-wide analyses and the life cycle consequences of those decisions on system operational availability, performance, and affordability; and that supports effective Performance Based Logistics (PBL) strategies.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

ESN conducts assessments of our customers’ ILS needs based on existing procedures. ESN also supports clients with the development of ILS approaches and systems for new requirements. For OEM procurements, our team defines acquisition support requirements for inclusion in equipment solicitations.

As part of our ILS solution, ESN teams perform a detailed review of ILS plans, procedures, and documentation. We review entire ILS programs in terms of objectives and requirements, plans to support achieving the objectives and requirements, adequacy to execute the planning, and the effectiveness of plan execution. Our teams review and analyze applicable directives and ILS program documentation including the following:

  • Operational requirements document (or equivalent)
  • Integrated logistics support plan
  • Test and evaluation plan
  • Operational test reports
  • OEM statement of work
  • Funding summary
  • Logistics element plans and field-activity tasking documentation


ESN performs sustainability analyses to ensure that system support and life cycle affordability considerations have been addressed and documented. The product support strategy defines the supportability planning, analyses, and trade-offs conducted to determine the optimum support concept, including strategies for continuous affordability improvement throughout the product life cycle. The support strategy addresses all support requirements including product support; interoperability; data management; integrated supply chain management; life cycle cost optimization; logistics footprint minimization, disposal; and environment, safety, and occupational health.

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