Defense Acquisition Systems

ESN helps our customers manage the processes required to develop, produce, and field a system for national defense. From definition through ongoing operations, we are experienced in all the key activities in the systems acquisition process. The result: we help you make informed decisions that produce the most mission-effective system, while complying with regulations.

Our expertise includes all phases of the “Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Life Cycle,” including:

  • Concept refinement - We can help you refine the initial concept and develop your technology strategy.
  • Technology development - ESN can help you reduce your technology risk and determine the appropriate set of technologies to integrate into a full system.
  • System development and demonstration - We can provide support services that help you develop a system; reduce integration and manufacturing risk; ensure operational supportability, and demonstrate system integration, interoperability, safety, and utility.
  • Product and deployment - ESN can help ensure that your acquisition achieves an operational capability that satisfies mission needs.
  • Operations and support - Our expertise can help you execute a support program that meets operational support performance requirements and sustains the system in the most cost-effective manner over its total life cycle.

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