IV & V

ESN provides IV&V services to verify the reliability and quality of Government Furnished Information (GFI) before it is distributed to the field. From our IV&V Center, our specially trained laboratory personnel undertake a rigorous, disciplined process to validate results and ensure compliance with government standards.

At the core of our IV&V service offering are the Gold Disk products that we develop in support of electronic, mechanical, and electronic systems used by the Army, Navy, the Marine Corps, Air Force, Military Sealift Command and in foreign military sales. ESN analyzes, investigates, and authenticates complex electronic circuit card assemblies, electronic modules, and printed circuit boards. As part of this effort, ESN maintains an extensive database containing over 6,000 test routines. Additionally, ESN examines the technical documentation accompanying the circuit card assemblies to verify whether it is proprietary or not releasable to foreign military sales. Whenever a Gold Disk revision is required, ESN will verify it for completeness and accuracy.

The Gold Disk program provides fleet technicians with the necessary logistical information to accomplish required repairs. Gold Disks are distributed DoD-wide to provide an organic repair capability. This capability reduces cost and improves operational availability.

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