Program Analysis / Assessment

Customers rely on ESN to help them navigate through the challenges of their day-to-day program operations. By providing accurate and timely look into the effectiveness of their programs, ESN helps our customers determine what areas require attention, improvement, and/or elimination.

ESN offers a practical approach to program analysis that gives our clients the visibility they require. As part of this approach, our analysts:

  • Evaluate program objectives against business and technical practices to determine overall performance outcomes
  • Evaluate the drivers (policies, procedures, regulatory requirements, program direction/guidance, etc.) that dictate the intended outcome to establish the baseline
  • Analyze actual performance against the desired outcome to identify performance gaps
  • Recommend performance metrics, areas for program improvement, and approaches for continuous improvement

Our proven approach to analyzing and assessing program performance concludes with strategies that can be effectively implemented. These strategies include:

  • Rational data models
  • Data capture and management approaches
  • Development of data elements for performance management
  • Progress reporting approaches that include graphical representations to simplify the process of interpreting progress

In short, our clients get information that is easy to use and understand to help them make informed business decisions.

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