Financial Management

From planning through execution, ESN provides a full spectrum of financial management services for our government customers.

Planning, Programming, and Budgeting

ESN supports the planning process through programming actions and the detailed allocation of resources. Programming proposals are developed using the Program Objective Memorandum process and include analysis of missions, objectives, alternative methods to accomplish objectives, and allocation of resources. ESN also provides the financial expertise to translate a programming action into a detailed review of a program’s pricing, phasing, and overall capability. ESN supports these activities through the research and analysis of data required to build justifiable budget exhibits.

Budget Execution

The knowledge and experience provided by ESN ensures rigorous monitoring and reporting of actual results versus budgeted, anticipated results. Variances are documented and corrective action plans are developed to ensure program milestones are met. ESN also

  • Creates and maintains execution plans
  • Prepares financial reports to track and analyze executed funds
  • Performs expenditure analysis to ensure funds are expended in accordance with DoD benchmarks
  • Performs reconciliation efforts through detailed research and analysis of unmatched disbursements using data from official accounting systems

Financial Analysis and Assessments

ESN supports the development of metrics to measure performance and will also develop recommendations to resolve variances. ESN’s financial and management expertise supports budget execution and performance reviews to ensure the allocation of resources is achieving planned performance goals against budget estimates. ESN will also perform analyses on monthly cost data and independently analyze contractor data relative to cost, schedule, and technical performance.

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