Ship Systems Interoperability Testing

ESN has more than a decade of experience in ship systems interoperability testing. As part of our Deploying Group Systems Integration Testing (DGSIT) program, ESN performs comprehensive at-sea combat and communications system interoperability testing of ships, aircraft, and submarines, including strike groups and expeditionary warfare groups that include coalition forces. The goal of DGSIT is to ensure interoperability so that all ships and forces communicate and fight as a single unit.

As part of DGSIT, ESN exercises all combat and communications systems at sea, typically for a ten-day period. From initiation through limitations reporting, we provide our effectiveness testing and operational impact expertise in the battle space environment. Our comprehensive, end-to-end DGSIT program includes:

  • Project definition and test planning
  • Event coordination, including movement of personnel throughout the battle group
  • Interoperability testing
  • Preparation of final test results and presentation to the battle group commander
  • Final capability and limitation manuals

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